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Two Foreclosed Carwashes

Combine a passive business opportunity with a foreclosure and you have the makings of a winning combination to kick start or build financial freedom into your portfolio.

009_9 Located in East Syracuse, NY on 7050 Manlius Center Rd. is a 4 stall car wash for $200,000.  All equipment is included. Cost to build this structure from scratch is in the range of $500k-$600k.  Next to Red Apple gas station and convenience store.

In the Watertown area 29700 County Rt. 50 in the town of LeRay. 100’x100′ and assessed for $61,000.  Price is $35,000 .  Just outside Fort Drum.Black River Carwash_1

Now don’t miss-read this post’s intention.  This is NOT for everyone. No pie in the sky.  The fact, is the car wash industry took a heavy hit after 9/11 and continues to today.  I’ll suggest that one  needs  either to use the facility for some other business or become a P.T. Barnum of the car wash industry where people just have to use your service.  Either way these prices are truly insane.  It’s taken 2 years of steady marketing to promote and adjustment to get them on a platter at these prices  for your consideration.   Buyer beware. Buyer prosper.

If you are serious about exploring this type of opportunity  e-mail me