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Tele-Class Tonight! 7pm-The ‘5’ Must Know Secrets to save 20%-50% on a Govenrment HUD Home

On tonight’s teleclass I will share the
‘5’ Must Know *Secrets* on how to save 20%-50% on a Government HUD Home.
Plus I will answer *LIVE* your questions that you have about HUD Homes.
We already have several who have e-mailed in their questions and I invite you to do the same.
Submit questions over
here or

Then a couple minutes before 7pm dial 1-712-432-3030 when prompted punch
in the access code 221231 that’s all you have to do. My wife Christen, myself and Moo-Moo the HUD dog
will be on hand to greet and entertain as we learn how to save 30-50% on a government HUD home.

So go ahead and ask me your number #1 question
about HUD homes that’s on your mind.