Introducing the Office Gift Table…*FREE* Double Thumbs-Up!

IMG_0034 IMG_0035 IMG_0036 Who does not love a gift! Birthdays, Christmas and Valentines day are just a few occasions we purchase something special for someone special. In that spirit we decided to create a give away gift table with an assortment of items sure to please.  From motivational framed art, CD’s and books, to T-shirts, Chap stick, Hoodies, and this spring a huge variety or vegetable and flower garden seeds (organic, non-GMO). All for FREE!

Just today a client grabbed a hold of a yummy bottle of home grown honey. Not just any honey but created in Oswego, NY by my father-in-law John.

So next time you are in the office and or in the Phoenix area, please feel free to stop on in and see what seasonal items we have for you! We are located at 75 State St. Phoenix, NY 13135. Our number is (315) 695 – 6434.