For the first Time Ever a Book Titled:
HUD Home Buying Secrets
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HUD Home Buying Secrets

From the desk of John Adolfi,
Phoenix, NY

Dear Friend,

Are you in the market to buy a home?

Are you trying to come up with the down payment and closing costs?

Are you looking to SAVE MONEY or get INSTANT EQUITY at closing?

Sometimes, all you need is access to one small nugget of information that can open your eyes to opportunities that you thought weren't meant for you.

My book, "HUD Home Buying Secrets" is that nugget.


It's NOT YOUR AGENT'S FAULT. The problem is that most of them are COMPLETELY UNEDUCATED when it comes to HUD HOMES.

In fact, when you ask most AGENTS about this process, they immediately roll their eyes, and usually try to change the subject to anything but HUD homes.

I got started selling HUD homes in 1988. I've helped hundreds of people like you realize a dream that would have never come true if it weren't for the GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY that's hidden in each HUD home on the market today.

That's right – I'm a real estate agent AND I'm COMPLETELY EDUCATED when it comes to selling HUD homes (and helping people like you).


An Introductory to HUD Homes

"If you're sitting there wondering, "What's a HUD home?" and how the process works, it's really quite simple.

The process of buying HUD homes is possible with the HUD HOME OWNERSHIP program.

In fact, most people are COMPLETELY unaware that this program exists, and no books have ever been written on it.

Since 1934, the Federal Housing Administration IFHA) and Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) have insured OVER 34 MILLION HOMES and mortgages. Every year, tens of thousands of these homeowners default on their loans."

– John Adolfi

When a homeowner defaults on a HUD or FHA loan, the government pays off the mortgage holder (typically a bank) and takes control of the property.

These homes are then RE-SOLD to the public by HUD.

tens of thousands of HUD homes waiting to be bought BELOW MARKET VALUE!

insanely affordable HUD homes?

Hint: It's in my BOOK. All the HUD info you need to get started. I hold nothing back.
There are no secrets – only things you haven't yet learned.

I have over 25 years of "IN THE TRENCHES" real estate experience as a realtor/broker. in that time I've been involved in HUNDREDS OF HUD home sales.

My Accident = Your Gain!
(Or... How I got started in HUD home sales)

I got involved in helping people with their HUD home purchases completely by accident. It was 1988 and I was as green as a granny smith apple. Someone who owned a business wanted to buy a HUD home next to his gas station. He contacted us and I had the opportunity of selling it to him. BUT, GET THIS. On the first HUD contract I ever did I almost blew it! I did not know what I was doing. after subtracting the commision from his offered price I told him that lesser amount was his sale price. Boy, I did not have a clue how the whole HUD thing worked, and I hid from him out of embarrassment for weeks. Thankfully, he wanted the place and the discrepency was only $800. So he graciously let it pass. He still owns that property to this day! But there I was, cutting my teeth on what can be a very confusing process. This is one of the reasons agents are either intimidated with the paper work, or had a bad experience, causing them to never want to do it again.

Let me share with you my own personal experience of how my wife and I bought our present home.

In late 1999, a HUD home came on the market during a horrific 18-day WINTER storm. The weather was SO BAD that only one other couple (other than my wife and me) had the courage to trek through three feet of snow to see this stone, waterfront home.

When my wife saw the home, she had to have it! The asking price was $52,000, and we placed an offer for $41,700 and got it.

At the time it was assessed for $79,000. It is worth A LOT more now, and we are still living in it today.

You can easily see the instant value we got with the HUD home purchase.

Years later, my wife STILL loves our HUD home and the waterfront view it provides. If it weren't for the HUD program, we never would have purchased this particular home.

That got me thinking about how unfortunate it is that people do not know about the program.

As a realtor/broker, I've STUDIED and LEARNED all the ins and outs of HUD home buying. It was rough going at first, but I finally learned how it all works.

Information on HUD HOMES is difficult to find. UNTIL 2012 THERE WAS NOTHING written on the subject.

In fact, this is the main reason I wrote HUD Home Buying Secrets.

Most real estate agents are completely clueless when it comes to dealing with HUD Homes. That's why I state generally (BUT EMPHATICALLY):

"Real Estate Agents Hate HUD Homes!"
But, YOU have every reason to LOVE HUD Homes.

The great equalizer when it comes to HUD home success is just moments away from your grasp. Yes, it's my book titled HUD Home Buying Secrets.

Imagine being a HUD Home "Game Master," knowledgeable, in control, setting up the game in your advantage, and knowing the profitable outcome every single time!

With HUD Home Buying Secrets, you can easily become the winner in the housing market. Learn insider information plus the "How To" strategies and tactics that even real estate industry professionals don't have access to.


"HUD Home Buying Secrets Special Offer"

With just a few clicks, you'll get HUD Home Buying Secrets for the
ridiculously low price of $29.95, and you'll easily be able to...



• Find the freshest list of HUD homes available for FREE
• How to get HUD to pay uop to 39% of your closing costs
• Understand the easiest methods of financing a HUD home
• Examples of a property filled out HUD contract
• The truth about HUD's $100 Down program
• How to bid with "Magic Numbers" and win!
• Learn the methods I use to buy houses for 30% - 50% under market value



Look, it boils down to this:
With the info in my book, you can...

• Buy a LARGER house for the SAME MONEY
• Buy in an UPSCALE neiborhood that you might not have considered otherwise
• Make an investment that you can be proud of for decades to come

It doesn't matter where in America you live because there are HUD homes in every state, but again, the trick id finding them. So let's begin the hunt today. Here is the National HUD website that I use every day:

I've been involved in HUD homes for a long time. I'm totally confident you can easily make your way past any of the many roadblocks HUD homes can present with my book.

EVen with the average HUD-hating real estate agent, my book will give you the tools and knowledge you need to purchase a HUD home 30% - 50% under the market value and begin living life as a HUD home owner.

After reading HUD Home Buying Secrets just once, you'll know more about HUD Homes than 99.5% of your competition and 95% of the agents in the real estate industry.

You could put the information in my book to work for you in the next couple days. It's really that simple. You will receive everything you need to start uncovering these deals for youself.

You are getting THE EXACT SAME information that I
share with my buyers and investors.

The only difference is that I get paid by HUD with every property we sell!
THAT"S RIGHT!! Plus...

Real Estate Agents commonly call me with their questions about HUD Homes.

But today I'm here to help you get the home of your dreams at a price that will make you think you're dreaming.

Here's a very quick preview (I can't give it all away, can I?) of the info you'll find in my book:

• Why our current "Buyer's Market" isn't as competitive as you think (page 8)
• How to figure out the best HUD home financing (page 25)
• When (and how) to bid on a HUD home – and why timing is EVERYTHING (page 37)
• How one check box on a form can take you from a losing bidder to a happy HUD home owner (page 40)
• Why a home inspection is even MORE IMPORTANT with HUD homes (page 45)
• What to ask your lender before you even LOOK at available HUD homes in your area (page 48)
• How "magic numbers" can be your best friend during the bidding process (page 56)

The list goes on... and in case you aren't sure that I've packed every possible detail into my book, I give you:

HUD Home Buying Secrets Price $29.95 includes FREE shipping

Yes! I want access to John Adolfi's HUD Home Buying Secrets! I understand that John's advice may be responsible for me saving up to 30% - 50% on the price of a HUD home.

PS. The info you get in HUD Home Buying Secrets isn't compiled like this anywhere else that I know of, and I've been doing this for decades. I may be crazy for selling this book for so little – so be it! Take advantage right now.

PSS. Don't think you're the first person to ever buy this book from me – you're not. This book has helped many people in the past and it will continue to help people who are serious about HUD deals long into the future.

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Legal disclaimer: The info in HUD Home Buying Secrets is for informational purposes only. Yes, you will find hundreds of nuggets of info to help you buy your next HUD home, but no two situations are the same and you should always consult with an attorney when purchasing real estate.

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