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How to Buy a Home with Poor Credit

United Credit Education Services LogoIt’s a feeling of hopelessness. You enthusiastically apply to the bank for a mortgage. Then the news comes like a punch to the gut that your being turned down because your credit score is a dismal 550 or less. Let me guess what the loan officer said next. They told you to pay several bills, some that are not even yours and then wait six months to a year before you reapply.  Or perhaps they placed you in a B, C or D credit risk category with interest rates of well over 10%+ percent. Let me ask you, has any loan officer or realtor offered you an alternative solution like credit restoration?  Let me guess, probably not and here’s why. They don’t know it exists.  Frankly I was in the dark until recently discovering a credit restoration service that could improve my customers credit score fast and easy.


But first let me list some of the ways a low credit score is impacting you financially right now. With a credit score of under 720 you are paying 1-9% extra in credit card interest rates.  Also do you know what your insurance company is doing with your credit score? Go ahead and give your agent a call today and ask them if your auto insurance premium is partly determined by your credit score. I asked mine and he said, ” Been that way for 6 years now.”  Finally have you ever heard about someone not getting a good paying job or rent a great apartment because of a low credit score? It happens all the time and nobody is the wiser. 

The simple solution to saving money and buying the home of your dreams begins with what is called credit restoration. Credit can be repaired IF one understands the laws involved in reporting and removing negative credit.  What amazed me was that all three of the credit reporting agencies TRW, Transunion and Experian are all private companies, not government agencies and must adhere to set laws regarding the fair treatment of the flow of information. This service will challenge all bad credit utilizing the guidelines set by the banking laws with an attempt to remove those offending marks forever.   If you have multiple late pays, vehicle repossession, bankruptcy or even foreclosure, this service is your lifeline. Plain and simple, It Works!  This service lasts for one full year and has a 75% money back guarantee. It’s a win-win proposition.  Just ask all my credit challenged customers who are excited about buying their new home. Now it’s your turn. Click here to learn more or you can call my FREE 24-hour recorded message explaining more about credit restoration.

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