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Charming Fulton City HUD Home

img_6167.jpgMany times HUD homes are pretty beat up and come with multiple liabilities. When one opens the door to a good condition HUD home like 156 W. Third St. it’s like a breath of fresh air.  I like this home because of its condition.  Here’s why: #1 it’s a good flipper and #2 a great rental. Roof, siding, exterior doors, vinyl windows are approx. 8 years old and in good shape.  The layout is standard with a living room, second living room and formal dining room with what appears to be new carpeting.  The kitchen is passable to some standard but could pass with a good paint job or remodel it for $3-$5k. (need to keep costs low on this one)  Add a bathroom floor and a good interior paint job and your looking at another $1000. Not bad really. 

img_6171.jpgimg_6168.jpgimg_6170.jpg img_6169.jpgimg_6173.jpgimg_6179.jpg

This property sold for $51,600 after seller’s concessions in 2000. HUD had it on the market for $47,000 and just lowered it to $42,300.  Buying it right will make this a decent flipper.  Oh I almost forgot there is a “barn” like garage on this home’s double yard (66x132) and three large bedrooms upstairs with an overall square footage of 1407′. Owner occupants, investors and out of area buyers are welcome to bid, first come first served as of today. The fastest way to see this is to call  me, John Adolfi 315-952-2671.