Adolfi Real Estate

Changing Peoples Live’s w/o a Smart Phone or Social Media

IMG_0674Real People Real Results! That is what you are seeing in the back ground where we have the World Famous Wall of Fame to prove just what affect a long term relationship  our clients have with us. One way we focus on each client’s wants is not being distracted. How do we accomplish this? Take a look at my hands… 

1.) Flip phone or as I call it a “Dumb phone” Sure someday I may upgrade to a Smartphone but until then you will reap the benefits of a simple cell phone. I do not know how to text, photograph, e-mail, no nothing other than to dial out and receive your calls. Simple. This helps me with the potential distraction of looking at my phone every two seconds or anytime it makes a hickup. This alows me to concentrate on YOU when talking face to face or on the phone.

2.) Social Media. You’d think a Facebook presence is a must. However I’m a little old fashion. I prefer building a relationship through voice and face to face as much as possible. Anyone can hide behind this medium and portrait them selves anyway they want. Besides if you have not already experienced the distraction that social media can create, it does me.  So as good as it is for staying in touch, I want to be able to give you better service than the superficial that can result when my time is being used posting cute pictures of my dog or trying to decide to accept someones friend request I don’t know.

To conclude, if you want an agent who is texting and posting social media, distracted, all over the place, not returning calls, then our company is not for you. Should you want service that is not negatively impacted by these modern wonders then grab your phone and dial (315) 695 – 6434. We are sitting at attention, focused waiting for your call.