Who Can You Trust in Real Estate?

Truth is every time you look into investment scams you see greed at the root of such a relationship. But it’s not necessarily the Bernie Madolfs that are all at fault. In order to have a scam work, you have to have two parties. First you have the shady investors all too ready to release from their eager clients their retirement moneys.

But the “Madolf’s” need people who are ready to believe in someone who is going to give more than fair or reasonable returns. Greed many times motivates the client to participate in an investment that altogether flies in the face of reasonable returns. On the TV show American Greed, several of those who lost their entire fortune admitted to their covetous motive to take the bait.

IMG_9020I believe that getting rich is a slow and difficult process. Yes, the old fashion way with years of hard work and careful planning. But as one double checks their checkbook and their motive, they also need to find someone to invest in or with that can be trusted; some one with proven results and testimonials who will look you in the eye and be there for you even if a payday is not eminent.

In 2012 as more and more scams are exposed, Adolfi Real Estate remains ready to serve and  has proven itself for over 42 years serving the local community with honor and integrity. In the coming weeks we will show more proof, (like the testimonial to the left) so that you can finally end your search for real estate services and move on to finding more honest hard working people that fill your wants of different products and services.

Disgraced broker admits Ponzi scheme: krqe.com