Dec 14

1990 Ranch in Cleveland NY HUD $54,600

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104 North St. clevelandThat’s right, not a doublewide but a full fledged 1300 sq.ft ranch on a crawl space on 3/4 acre for $54,600.  Granted the location is between Rome and Central Square but the value is incredible.  3 bedrooms and 2 full baths. In 2003 someone bought it for $81,500 and is currently assessed for $95,100.  HUD even appraised it  AS-IS for $78,000 a few months ago.  So there it sits on the “Isle of real estate misfits” awaiting Santa and his elves to bring this home to some deserving family or even an investor to hold or flip.  Call John ASAP for your showing. 315-952-2671. DIRECTIONS 104 North St.

Dec 11

SOLD!!! Fulton HUD Home Gathering Dust

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823 Emery St.From the picture it looked small and then the discription stated it was a two bedroom.  A real sleeper if you ask me.  Then I did what anyone needs to do before they pass judgement, go and take a look.  Which I did and wow there was alot more to this home than I expected.  I’d like to invite you drive by this HUD home and then call me for details on how HUD homes work.  The address is 823 Emery St. on the east side of the city of Fulton.  If you are an investor looking to flip? you can purchase and other HUD homes and not have to live in them. You just need to know when to bid.  Asking price is $38,500.  I can guide anyone looking to improve themselves financially with these money saving investments. Call me, John Adolfi 315-952-2671.  Sold 278 so far and I love HUD homes.

Dec 02

West Taft Rd. HUD makes for an interesting investment

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5255 Taft rd.Located just east of Hafners Red Barn is this HUD enigima. At 5255 Taft Rd. West is this two story 3 small bedrooms and 2 full baths one plus car garage property.  HUDs asking price is $56,900.  Our estimated repairs are $25,000. This brings the property within $10,000 of its market value.  Not much savings and having to have all the work done AND being so close to the road, hmmm. However take a look next door.  There is a big lot and then an AutoZone.  However the lot under the house is zoned residential.  My thought is using this as a home office or change the zoning and go commercial.  Available for all bidders. Call John 315-952-2671  details.  DIRECTIONS

Nov 05

Two Foreclosed Carwashes

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Combine a passive business opportunity with a foreclosure and you have the makings of a winning combination to kick start or build financial freedom into your portfolio.

009_9 Located in East Syracuse, NY on 7050 Manlius Center Rd. is a 4 stall car wash for $200,000.  All equipment is included. Cost to build this structure from scratch is in the range of $500k-$600k.  Next to Red Apple gas station and convenience store.

In the Watertown area 29700 County Rt. 50 in the town of LeRay. 100’x100′ and assessed for $61,000.  Price is $35,000 .  Just outside Fort Drum.Black River Carwash_1

Now don’t miss-read this post’s intention.  This is NOT for everyone. No pie in the sky.  The fact, is the car wash industry took a heavy hit after 9/11 and continues to today.  I’ll suggest that one  needs  either to use the facility for some other business or become a P.T. Barnum of the car wash industry where people just have to use your service.  Either way these prices are truly insane.  It’s taken 2 years of steady marketing to promote and adjustment to get them on a platter at these prices  for your consideration.   Buyer beware. Buyer prosper.

If you are serious about exploring this type of opportunity  e-mail me [email protected] 

Oct 28

HUD Homes Investors Specials

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We are just going to kill several birds with one stone.  Pictured here are three outstanding HUD homes just ripe for the investor.

#1 SOLD  Pictures are deceiving especially at 23 Bradshaw Rd. in Central Square.  This in NOT a single wide trailer. It is a stick built structure with about 1,000 sq.ft 2bedrooms and one bath. Price $19,200.    DIRECTIONS




#2 SOLD  In the village of Cleveland at 9 Division st. a home built before the civil war stands proud but with no one to love it.  4 bedrooms inside a 1,627 sqft. two story structure. HUD is asking NEW Price  $28,200.   Could score this one below the $30k mark.  It’s possible. DIRECTIONS



#3 – SOLD –Hold your breath!  Dog smell, mold and a yucky interior sets up a gigantic barrier for most buyers.  But a 1992 doublewide, 3 bedrooms and 2 baths on 5 acres for $17,000!  Address is 136 Spaulsbury in Parish. DIRECTIONS



These are ripe for the picking.  Call John Adolfi 315-952-2671 cell or e-mail me with any questions. [email protected]

Oct 15

Liverpool HUD home at 317 Fairmount Ave.- SOLD

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Wow! A ranch style HUD home for $74,000!  I mean it was just 4 years ago when the previous owners paid $95,000 for it.  The garage converted into living space makes this a 1,444 sqft. living blue print with 2 bedrooms and one bath.  Assessed value is $94,500 and it looks in good condition.  With vinyl siding and a newer roof.  Bidding is currently first come and first served. Plan on fixing it up? Ask me about the 203k streamline loan where you don’t lift a finger nor have to front any fix up money after the closing to remodel this home to perfection.  Call John Adolfi asap 315-952-2671 cell.  Closing cost money available.  Pre-approved buyers given the privilage to move quickly before someone else does. DIRECTIONS

Oct 08

Seneca Knolls HUD Home Ranch $70,000 -SOLD

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Van Buren experiences about 6 HUD homes a year. This Seneca Knolls three bedroom one bath ranch located at 121 Hosmer Dr. began as a bank foreclosure in 2008 at an asking price of $83,700. The bank apparently not selling it sold it back to HUD. HUd appraised it as-is for $70,000. The tax assessment is $89,800. This bargin property sports a one car attached garage, newer siding, windows, siding, roof, deck and more. Very value driven. The $8,000 tax credit helps even more. The bid deadline is this coming Sunday the 12th. Call John asap 315-952-2671 for your showing. Pre-approved FHA and cash buyers only. DIRECTIONS

Sep 25

Jamesville-Dewitt HUD home $103,500 – SOLD

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Ok, you do not see many HUD homes in the JD area. This one was priced at $115,000 but HUD just did their scheduled prioce reduction and is now $103,500. HUD lowers the price 10% every 30 days till it sells. This is just one key to knowing how to score property from HUD for 30%-50% below market value. There is more and that more is in my brain for you to use. But I digressed.

This home located on 142 Terrace View Rd. was built in 1957 has 1834 sqft. of living area. Has an assessed value of $100,000. Three bedrooms and a bath and a half. School district is JD. Gas forced air furnace, public water and sewer. Price is again $103,500. Can we do better on price at this stage? Before I give you all my secret HUD knowledge I need you to drive by, have an interest and call me 315-952-2671 ask for John Adolfi. DIRECTIONS

Sep 24

Granby HUD home $40,600 – SOLD

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Off of Chase Rd. which is off of Hannibal St. tucked away on this short dead end street lies this 1988 HUD home. Is it a townhome? Yes technically, connected to next door but attached to the garage and you’d almost mistaken it for a single family home. Except for the holes in the sheetrock (naughty previous owners) the place is in good condition. Assessed for $69,000 and HUD looking to get $40,600 make for a very god deal. HUD will pay $1200 of the closing costs depending on the sale price. You must be preapproved by a NYS approved lender. We can direct you to one and qualifying is easy, 10 minutes on the phone.

Bid deadline is this coming Sunday Aug. 23rd. Call John at 315-952-2671 to know what to do next. Ooops sorry where was I, the interior has 3 bedrooms and 1.5 baths with a 1.5 car garage and a 69’x267′ yard. BTW when I met with the previous owners they gave me their survey. I just saved someone $200. It’s yours if you buy it from us.


Sep 20

SOLD! $69,000

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When a property comes back on the market the first question I get is. “What’s wrong with it?”  Actually the answer is What is wrong is the buyer or realtor? The house usually has very little to do with a re-list which we have here today. Lack of information and instruction catches alot of professional and sadly buyers as well. HUD’s can be tough until you unlock its secrets.

This property located at 1012 Hazelwood Ave. sold very quickly at the asking price of $73,000 a couple weeks ago.  The home is a modest 1,013 sq.ft. the lot is 50’x125.  It was purchased in 2006 for $79,900. It has a gas furnace, 3 bedrooms and one full bath. FHA insurable financing is available.HUD will pay 3% of your closing costs or approx. $2,000. The bid deadline for owner occupants is Tuesday Sept. 22.  Call me for a showing 315-952-2671 John.