Jun 24

SOLD!!! North Syracuse 2 BD HUD Home $71,000

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SOLD!!! For $51,547.  Guess someone read this.

Over priced in this market for a HUD Home?  Perhaps, but the property is in decent shape.  This home has two bedrooms and a possible 3rd if you use the kitchen as an eat in and convert the dining room which looks like it was originally a 3rd bedroom. The 832 sq.ft. home is on a slab with a newer roof and vinyl siding with seamless gutters.  One car garage with a double wide asphalt driveway. Electric heat and laundry hook ups.

The $8000 credit from the government can be used on HUD Homes if purchased before their December deadline and you live in it for 3 years.

Bid deadline is this coming Sunday the 28th of June. Qualified buyers only. 10 minutes is all it takes to get qualified for FREE. Ask me how.  I specialize in HUD homes ask me any question.  Call me asap John Adolfi 315-952-2671.   DIRECTIONS  Address is 306 Allen Rd., North Syracuse, drive by and call me asap or e-mail [email protected]

Jun 19

Will the Howlett Hill HUD ever close? $45,000

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                                                              6/24/09  SOLD Again $49,000

Back on AGAIN!!!! NEW price $45,000 Bid deadline is June 23th, 2009 for owner occupant, the 24th for investors.

SOLD AGAIN 5-6-09 for the last time $52,392

SOLD for $66,950 just a few weeks ago but is NOW back on the market for $50,000. In the town of Onondaga within the Marcellus school system, unpretentiously nestled on a half acre is an example of what HUD homes are known for, “A Great Deal” This home has a list of improvements from 2002 which include: plumbing, electrical, carpeting and flooring, interior/exterior paint, entry doors and windows, new furnace and hot water tank with a large shed/barn all in a 4 bedroom 2 full bath 1110 sqft. home. Public water and a septic system before you ask. The property is assessed for $98,500. HUD’s list price is $50,000.  $45,000

But wait, before you think about calling any Realtor, consider this. I’ve seen it time and time again, unsuspecting buyers placing and winning bids on HUD homes only to see their dreams dashed and lose the house. It’s not their fault. Most Realtors are unfamilar with all of HUD’s confusing rules and regulations. Financing a HUD home is key and not every realtor knows how to do it. Usually in 2 weeks after winning the bid I see that same property relisted on HUD’s website like today. Experience here is the key to success and with over 260 happy HUD customers over 20 years I can do the same for you. I specialize in HUD homes.

If this home sounds good to you, here are the steps to give you the best chance of scoring this property. Your first step is to click here for directions. Address is 4692 Beef Street off of Howlett Hill Rd. Your next step is to drive by the property. Step 3 is to call me at 315-952-2671 where I’ll go over steps 4 and 5. Timing is critical so don’t hesitate. And don’t feel like everyone is going to do this, many look, several drive by and few actually bid. John Adolfi 315-952-2671

Jun 12

Mattydale 401 Richfield Blvd. 2 bedroom HUD for $29,700

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SOLD! Well this makes two Mattydale homes for sale on the HUD site this week. This one is small with 808 sq. ft 2 bedrooms and one bath.  Investors will have to wait till the 17th of June to bid. Thiose looking to move in the bid deadline is the 16th.  Call me to gain access and please get an idea if you can qualify before you ask to preview inside.  A pain to do yes you may be thinking but not really, I have my bank guy do it in under 15min. over the phone and it costs nothing.  When you do get pre-qualified ask about the 203K FHA streamlined loan.  We can talk about the particulars soon.  List price is $29,700.

Please drive be then call my cell  John  315-952-2671

Here’s the directions

Jun 05

Mattydale, NY gives us another HUD for $40,000

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                                                              SOLD!                       Nestled between a Church and a little old lady, this HUD home groans with impatiently of its new owner. Located at 110 Malden Rd. in the Village of Mattydale home of the Hollywood Theater.  (Did anyone other than me stand in that long line for the premier of Star Trek in 79?) The home has technically 4 bedrooms, but it is more of a 2-3 bedroom home.  The ceilings upstairs in the two bedrooms are 6 foot tall.  There is a medium small living room, eat in kitchen and a dining room.  The furnace looked fairly new in the crawl space and so did the windows and don’t let the boarded up windows fool you they are looking fine from inside the house.  The roof looks great and so does the vinyl siding. The lot is a deeeeep 60’x357′  There is a 12’x12′ deck needing attention and a shed.  Bid deadline is 6/14/09.  Asking price is $40,000 and worth every penny.  DIRECTIONS

Jun 05

Fulton HUD $42,000 Slashed to $37,800

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168 West 5th St. South in the City of Fulton WAS NOT remarkable until today June 12th.  The home is in fair to good condition. Three bedrooms and one full bath inside its 1,192 sq. ft. 2 story frame. A shed instead of a garage on a 55’x132′ lot all told makes this home VERY average. The assessed value of $55,700 and the fact it sold in a great market for $55,000 in 2005 still makes me yawn.  HUD just lowered their asking price of $42,000 to $37,800 and made me want to re-write this blog. As I let my imagination run wild with what the ultimate selling price might be compelled me blog this property.  A magic number that will tickle anyone desiring to live in an “average” home in the former “City with a future”.  Contact me for a tour.  Bid deadline is this coming Tuesday the 16th for owner occupants and then the hungry investors can gooble this one up on the 17th of June. Bank pre-approvals are a must.  DIRECTIONS

May 29

3-family motel like HUD drops to $46,800

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SOLD!!!You just do not see this type of layout for a multi family unless its a motel. Actually the property located at 37-39 Dutchess Ln. in the town of Palermo is in relatively good condition inside and out. Built in 1983 on 1.8 acres. The 4 bedrooms are split up 1-1-2 in its unique 2,016 square foot print on a crawl space. The roof looks to be 10-15 yrs. old. Seperate utilities. T-111 siding painted and in good shape except for the rear where paint and replacement of the porch steps for each apt is necessary. Appliances are all there. Tax assessed value is $94,000. I had in my head that the market value was a more realistic $78,000. HUD is asking $52,000 NOW $46,800 and investors can bid after June 2nd.  Call me asap for your showing, helping expand your real estate empire. John Adolfi 315-952-2671 cell. DIRECTIONS

May 22

East Syracuse, NY HUD Home $51,300

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SOLD-Back on back off and back on again.  These HUD homes are sometimes like a ping-pong game.  Problem is realtors and buyers are sometimes uninformed and underprepared to travel HUD’s gauntlet. And as a result find that the bank financing is not in place and HUD has to pass on that buyer and place the property back on the market.

This East Syracuse HUD home is a modest size 2 bedroom 850 sq. ft. ranch with a full basement and a two car garage on a 62’x 174′ yard. Tax assessment is $81,800.  Sold to the previous owner in 1999 for $60,000. HUD’s asking prioce is $51,300.

Those looking to buy and live in it should get a 203k FHA streamline loan unless you are paying cash.  Bid deadline is Tuesday 26th May.  Contact me asap for more info.  John Adolfi 315-952-2671. DIRECTIONS    303 Sunset Dr. East Syracuse, NY 13057.

May 14

Jefferson Co. Clayton, NY 3BR Ranch HUD home $98,000

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SOLD -so low it made me cry. Wow!  An assessed value of $165,000 and HUD’s original list and appraised “as-is” value was $140,000 and HUD is asking now only $98,000??  What is the catch?  After reading the property condition disclosure (e-mailed upon request) provided by HUD it seems there is no catch but worn carpets.   What an awesome home for a great price.    This property consists of a 1,572 sq.ft. Ranch built in 1958 on a full basement.  The lot size is 150’x267′ and located about a 1000′ from the St. Lawrence River just 5 miles east of Clayton. DIRECTIONS  Inside you’ll find three bedrooms and two full baths, oil furnace, well and septic, finished basement, frig, stove,dishwasher and garage.  

Before you pick up the phone and call any realtor, my experience from previous customers and real estate agents have both confessed that realtors don’t not want to sell or don’t know how to HUD homes. To see this home or find out more info  please contact me on my cell 315-952-2671. My name is John Adolfi and I’ve sold over 255 HUD homes and I love them

You can also  E-mail me for my FREE report Investors Guide to HUD Homes. This report will give you insights into how to score this or anyother HUD home at rock bottom prices.

May 11

Constantia, N.Y. 2 Family HUD Home $31,000

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SOLD-Ok so I had to go north of Oneida lake anyhow and passed by this HUD and gandered in for a look.  It struck me immediately that it has 3 different roofs, in decending order of condition, metal, black asphalt and on the rear a red old asphalt. The interior sprawls with its forced two apt. layout and was at one time a single family home and could be again.  The condition is fair to poor. You could “clean it up” for several thousand and re-rent it or move in.  Or you could go the next step by gutting it and remodeling the entire home for a guestimated $20k-$40k depending on who does the work, you or hire it out.   Assessed value is $59,600 with a lot size of 46’x170′ and it appears the property next door and this property have been sharing part of a driveway for decades. The driveway splits towards the back for plenty of parking in the rear.  Four total bedrooms and 2 baths. Two heating units and two electrical.   Bidding is open for both for investors and owner occupants.  Asking price is $31,000.  DIRECTIONS

May 01

Mattydale HUD back on reduced to $24,000

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SOLD Again-Back on the market for the last time? Yes this 2 bedroom has been on and off the market over the last 6 months since HUD put it out there. Originally priced at $40,000 this home has 1056 square ft. of living area. Two BR and one full bath and full basement. Assessed value is $61,500 with total taxes of approx. $2300. The layout is screwy to just warn you. Don’t ask me in what way, you’ll have to see it for yourself and figure if its something you can live with. Lot size is 80’x120′. New asking price is $24,000. The best financing would be an FHA 203k streamline loan. Bidding for owner occupant commences today and ends May 5th, Investors will have to wait till after the 6th to bid. Call me for your showing 315-952-2671 John Adolfi. DIRECTIONS