How to Fix Your Flip – 60min mp3 Presentation

This is a picture of Christen and my bathroom. We are going through a massive renovation. Last night we presented at the monthly event titled: "How to Fix Your Flip" or your home. Needless to say after 9 flips and now a major renovation with our home it added to the body of info I normally present. This 60 min eyeopening mp3 covers everything from roof to [ Read More ]

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North Syracuse HUD Ranch $68,000- SOLD

When is a "deal" a deal? HUD homes have given consumers and Investors the edge in purchasing instant equity from my observation since 1988. After selling over 25 HUDs this [ Read More ]

Liverpool HUD Back on the market-SOLD!

That HUD will pay 3% of your closing costs. Yes closing costs are a pain in the wallet. HUD helps in this discomfort by allowing a concession of 3%. Total closing costs [ Read More ]

Cicero HUD Colonial $164,000

HUD's don't come nicer than this one located on 8139 Cicero Mills Rd. It has 2,182 sq.ft. with 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths built in 2002.  Fireplace, full basement, sparkling [ Read More ]

Baldwinsville HUD Ranch, hmm…. not bad at all.

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Liverpool/Clay HUD Home Colonial $151,000

         SOLD!!!!!Over priced, over priced and I'll say it again over priced.  SOLD!!!!                      However did you know that there [ Read More ]

SOLD!!! North Syracuse 2 BD HUD Home $71,000

SOLD!!! For $51,547.  Guess someone read this. Over priced in this market for a HUD Home?  Perhaps, but the property is in decent shape.  This home has two bedrooms [ Read More ]

Will the Howlett Hill HUD ever close? $45,000

                                                              6/24/09  SOLD Again $49,000 Back on AGAIN!!!! [ Read More ]

Mattydale 401 Richfield Blvd. 2 bedroom HUD for $29,700

SOLD! Well this makes two Mattydale homes for sale on the HUD site this week. This one is small with 808 sq. ft 2 bedrooms and one bath.  Investors will have to wait till the [ Read More ]

Mattydale, NY gives us another HUD for $40,000

                                                              SOLD!                       [ Read More ]

Fulton HUD $42,000 Slashed to $37,800

SOLD!!! 168 West 5th St. South in the City of Fulton WAS NOT remarkable until today June 12th.  The home is in fair to good condition. Three bedrooms and one full [ Read More ]