Dec 03

FOR RENT: 35 Murray St. Oswego, NY 13126

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Well kept 2 bedroom and 2 bath rental. On the west side of the city of Oswego. Rent per month is $800 however the rent is $750 if paid before the 1st of each month. Sorry no pets or smokers. Tenant is responsible for the utilities. Call our office today to schedule an appointment to preview inside (315) 695 – 6434. 

Jun 04

New!!! Electronic Refreshment Station

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Electronic Refreshment Station 2014Ever have a mobile device die in the field?  Where the battery life ended so suddenly that your important chat was cut mid stream? Now what do you do? Well next time you are in the Phoenix area, you can easily plug your Flip phone, iPhone, Galaxy or iPad in to charge as we discuss your first or next real estate deal. If real estate is not on your mind but a cool drink and snack are in order, relax and have a treat as your mobile phone refreshes itself  on our new charging station. Want to call ahead…?  (315) 695 – 6434 or just drop by to 75 State St. Phoenix, NY 13135 DIRECTIONS 

Apr 30

May 2014 issue of Real Estate Magazine is NOW Available

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Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 12.14.20 PMMay 2014 Issue of the Adolfi Real Estate Property Magazine is now available for download. (Click on link below)

Should you have a problem with this technology, give us a call (315) 695 – 6434 and we will mail you a hardcopy to your mail box at home or business.     Click HERE For Your Magazine

Apr 28

Spring Fling Party Plus The Jelly Bean Count Winner!

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IMG_0085 IMG_0149 On Tuesday April 22nd at 5pm –  45 investors, home buyers and people from the local community join us for the first annual Spring Fling party. Food was served, deserts unparalleled delighted the tastebuds and gifts went home with many from our Office Bonus Zone Table.  The big winner this evening goes to Ellen Milewski for  guessing the Jelly Bean Count Jar and received a $25 gift card to Lowes.   And…although it’s still many months away the next party will be our Christmas/Holiday party, ready… 5-8pm Tuesday December 16th 2014. Mark your calander and feel free to RSVP us anytime for this upcoming event. Call us at  (315) 695 – 6434.  Here’s  68 photos from the party.

Oct 22

Changing Peoples Live’s w/o a Smart Phone or Social Media

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IMG_0674Real People Real Results! That is what you are seeing in the back ground where we have the World Famous Wall of Fame to prove just what affect a long term relationship  our clients have with us. One way we focus on each client’s wants is not being distracted. How do we accomplish this? Take a look at my hands… 

1.) Flip phone or as I call it a “Dumb phone” Sure someday I may upgrade to a Smartphone but until then you will reap the benefits of a simple cell phone. I do not know how to text, photograph, e-mail, no nothing other than to dial out and receive your calls. Simple. This helps me with the potential distraction of looking at my phone every two seconds or anytime it makes a hickup. This alows me to concentrate on YOU when talking face to face or on the phone.

2.) Social Media. You’d think a Facebook presence is a must. However I’m a little old fashion. I prefer building a relationship through voice and face to face as much as possible. Anyone can hide behind this medium and portrait them selves anyway they want. Besides if you have not already experienced the distraction that social media can create, it does me.  So as good as it is for staying in touch, I want to be able to give you better service than the superficial that can result when my time is being used posting cute pictures of my dog or trying to decide to accept someones friend request I don’t know.

To conclude, if you want an agent who is texting and posting social media, distracted, all over the place, not returning calls, then our company is not for you. Should you want service that is not negatively impacted by these modern wonders then grab your phone and dial (315) 695 – 6434. We are sitting at attention, focused waiting for your call.

Sep 23

Update 10/9/13 – SOLD!!! This Open House Was a Party in Disguise

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DSC05454On Sunday Sept. 22nd this group of investors took a tour of 5 investment properties all in one afternoon. The whole event went very quickly. After lining up and mapping all 5 properties, this “train” left Oswego at 12 noon and ended it’s journey in Fulton at 1:45pm. The tenants were happy to get the dozen people through all at once. And it gave the investors a good idea of what the whole package felt like, seeing everything in a short time span. Each group got a special bag filled with real estate tools and the talk of the afternoon was my Wife’s homemade peanut butter cookies. We are looking forward to this type of event again and when we do you’ll be getting an invitation and perhaps a cookie or two….real estate can be and is so awesome!







Special thanks to Pat and Linda for driving from Long Island that morning to join in the event.

Jul 12

SOLD!!! 507 Tamarack St. Liverpool, NY HUD home $57,000

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This  liverpool village HUD home, 3 bedroom 1,300 sqft  colonial is worth every penny of $57,000. Take the video tour and then grab your phone and dial John Adolfi at (315) 695-6434.  DIRECTIONS

Jan 08

Who Can You Trust in Real Estate?

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Truth is every time you look into investment scams you see greed at the root of such a relationship. But it’s not necessarily the Bernie Madolfs that are all at fault. In order to have a scam work, you have to have two parties. First you have the shady investors all too ready to release from their eager clients their retirement moneys.

But the “Madolf’s” need people who are ready to believe in someone who is going to give more than fair or reasonable returns. Greed many times motivates the client to participate in an investment that altogether flies in the face of reasonable returns. On the TV show American Greed, several of those who lost their entire fortune admitted to their covetous motive to take the bait.

IMG_9020I believe that getting rich is a slow and difficult process. Yes, the old fashion way with years of hard work and careful planning. But as one double checks their checkbook and their motive, they also need to find someone to invest in or with that can be trusted; some one with proven results and testimonials who will look you in the eye and be there for you even if a payday is not eminent.

In 2012 as more and more scams are exposed, Adolfi Real Estate remains ready to serve and  has proven itself for over 42 years serving the local community with honor and integrity. In the coming weeks we will show more proof, (like the testimonial to the left) so that you can finally end your search for real estate services and move on to finding more honest hard working people that fill your wants of different products and services.

Disgraced broker admits Ponzi scheme:

Dec 22

The ReStore or How to *save* 50-75% on Building Materials

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Discovered this outlet just a couple months ago. Even though this home bargain center has been around for nearly a decade, it has cruised below my radar and I’m finding out many others are unaware as well.

Watch this money saving expose on this retail outlet division run by Habitat For Humanity as they  contuinue to serve  the 33% of americans struggling families own their own home.  God bless their efforts.

Dec 02

SOLD!!! 7860 Rinaldo blvd Bridgeport, NY- $45,000

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I was very impressed with this 3 bedroom 900 sqft ranch located in Val Park. When taking in consideration the condition this home rated high on the “thumb-o-meter” Did it get a Thumbs Up? Find out and when you are done please feel free to grab you phone and call to ask any questions you may have on HUD homes or this one. Also for those wanting this type of info faster than the blog provides I invite you to subscribe to the HUD Underground Newsletter. Here’s the directions to the house.DIRECTIONS