Single Family

SOLD by ADOLFI!!! 584 Baum Rd Hastings, NY – HUD Home $63,000

584 Baum Rd. is a great deal for the person looking in the Hastings area. Especially with it's own huge two story barn. The home sets on 1.5 acres and the [...]

Sold!!! 75 West 5th St. Oswego NY (Homepath) $59,900

75 West 5th St. in the city of Oswego NY gives you that "stately" feel that someone important lived there at one time since it's 1914 debut. At [...]

SOLD by Adolfi!!! 48 E. Schuyler St. Oswego, NY – HUD Home $26,400

48 E. Schuyler St. on the east side of city of oswego is a single family home. The asking price of $29,700 does not get me too excited because of the work [...]