Dec 19

Adolfi Christmas Party Photos Plus Contest Winners!

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Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 1.27.05 PMWow! Wasn’t that a party! The celebration continues to ring from the Christmas party a few nights ago. Over 40 attended including teens, tots, local business owners and residents, clients, past present and future. It was awesome!

Other than the yummy food a popular game was the guess the Number of Golf Tees game and we had over 20 guesses. Ironically Larry Schoch won by guessing the exact number which was…161 golf tees. Then there was the funniest picture contest. And the winner was…Ryan Sargent!

Take a look at all 10 candidates and he is the one with the “Brush Mustache”

As the evening wore down guests helped themselves on their way out to an item or two from our bonus table which housed many items like Rock salt, Motivational books and CD’s, Art and more. Almost cleaned us out… and I wish they did because we love replenishing our bonus zone. Next years party is destined to be even more spectacular and so mark your calendar for the next Christmas event on Tuesday December 15th 2015. For now enjoy the over 40 photos from the event by clicking HERE.

Jul 28

How to Make $1600 a month – Josh and Paul Speak Out

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Paul and JoshPaul and Josh are affectionately referred to as The “Crazy”Boys. They love real estate!!  Actually they are both very nice well behaved church going young men learning how to build a real estate fortune. And that they are.

As you can see from the looks on their faces they are very excited about their several purchases. One in particular is a 2 family HUD home on the Northside they grabbed for just $17,000, then put $5000 into it with some sweat equity and are now generating $1600 a month. They are working on securing their 5th property through Adolfi Real Estate and their goal is being number 200 on the Wall of Fame.  Watch their 30 second video testimonial HERE

Jul 21

5-25 Properties in 3 Years…Tom H. Reveals His “Secret Weapon”

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Tom House Shares his “Secret Weapon” on how he went from being ripped off by a famous real estate author/speaker to owning 25 properties in just 3 years. To learn how Tom opened his financial flood gates, click on the video to discover yourself what could be waiting for you. Then grab your phone and dial (315) 695 – 6434 for a private one on one consult with John Adolfi.

Jun 27

Grab Your Sparklers! Tonights Festivities Begin at 5PM

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IMG_0630Tonight July 27 at 5pm it begins. It’s the annual Phoenix Strawberry Fest and fireworks display. All up and down both Main St. and State St. in downtown Phoenix, hundreds and hundreds of people will be gathering to eat, socialize and make purchases from dozens of vendors. Then at dusk, a fireworks display. The weather is perfect today and night to experience this event. And…Adolfi Real Estate will be right outside on the sidewalks with giving away bottled water, treats, Reports and kid toys from 5pm-8pm this evening. If you are looking for a family friendly good time, stop on down to the festival and bring your sparklers! We are located at 75 state St. Phoenix, NY 13135

Jun 24

History Was Made At Adolfi R.E.

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The “Wall of Fame” added it’s 100th handwritten pictured framed testimonial. We made a big deal out of the person who was given the distinction. Several newspapers covered the story. However in case you missed the occasion, here’s the ceremony. Take a walk with John Adolfi as he shares several of our real estate champions stories and see Tom House the 100th on the wall. Interested in being number 200? You might 🙂 Give us a call at (315) 695 – 6434 and regardless of your Wall’s number, we’ll be happy to make your experience a memorable one.

Jun 18

And the 100th Testimonial is…

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029What a night! 15 eager investors lined up to witness an historic event. To announce publically for the first time who would be the 100th framed handwritten picture testimonial. It began in 2011 with local satisfied customers sharing their experience at the conclusion of a real estate deal with Adolfi Real Estate. The “Wall of Fame” began to grow and grow, till now at the tail end of a 30ft long wall number 100 was about to be unveiled. At 7:10pm the blue satin covering was pulled and the coveted distinction goes to Tom House.  See all 39 photos here.

After the ceremony we repaired to the Event Room for the second phase of the evenings festivities. Yummy gourmet food served as we masterminded for 45min. on the “3 Top Real Estate Purchasing Blockades”. The event was recorded for your convenience on an easy to listen mp3 stream.

Our next real estate event is Tuesday July 15th at 7pm. There is no charge. Seating is limited. For those wanting to attend, call us at 315-695 – 6434.

May 23

Do You Remember Carmelcorn near the Landmark?

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IMG_0213It’s BACK! That’s right the old Carmelcorn store right around the corner of the Landmark Theater (A.K.A. Loews) is back in business and doing business. Store owner and real estate investor Kareem Dowdell decided it was time to reopen a landmark of it’s own right in downtown Syracuse. Christen and I decided to stop by the new Dream Candies for some delicious carmel corn and Kareem was all too happy to serve us. Along with the golden treats, he has snow cones, hot dogs, penny candy, soda, chips and more. Prices were very reasonable. IMG_0216 So next time your sweet tooth acts up, stop by Dream Candies for some fresh carmel corn Located at 116 W. Jefferson St. Syracuse, NY 13203

May 06

“Rain, Rain Go Away…”

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IMG_0011As you know we had a long winter that just hung on like a bad cold. And now it is raining and raining. Well we want to brighten up your day!:) When you visit our office get ready to leave with a FREE bonus umbrella. We have 2 sizes and several colors.

But wait that’s not all…I’ve got 2 more surprises. SEEDS! That’s right with all this rain why not take advantage and grow some plants. Grab one package of seeds or take home both the tomato and flower packets.  This is just one more way we love to pour into our clients, customers, friends and neighbors  more value into our long term relationship. Stop by M-Fri. 9am – 5pm or give us a call first (315) 695-6434 Our address is 75 State St. Phoenix, NY 13135. That’s downtown Phoenix.

Apr 15

Congratulations to The Bergs

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008001            Chris and Stacy Berg  began their journey deciding on a new construction home. After many visits to various neighborhoods and pouring over a pile of blue prints and floor plans and months of construction, finally the day came last month for Chris and Stacy  to  step into their Dream Home for the first time. Recently Christen and I paid the Bergs a visit with some house warming gifts and were greeted by their two boys who were very interested in showing us their rooms and toys. Their new home was beautiful…Congratulations to The Bergs as this April’s Customer of the Month.

Mar 24

Video Testimonial #1 Paul and Josh Tell Their Story

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Paul and Josh are excited about building their real estate empire in Syracuse, NY. Hear their story of their latest conquest. For those wanting a similar experience grab your phone and dial (315) 695-6434. Adolfi Real Estate has been helping people like Paul and Josh since 1970.